Chocolates – God’s best gift to humans

715306963You love chocolates – dont you? Ask your self this silly question and I am sure the answer will be I Do- I do. May be you will take time to say I DO  — when your lover asks you to marry him/her – but when it comes to chocolates, I am sure the answer will be instant.

Yes we all love chocolates and Art Chocolat – Academy of Chocolate Arts (   did a great job by organizing sessions of Chocolate training and tastings about chocolates in New Delhi recently.

It was a super informative session for the participants and they were taken through a sweet journey of chocolate making. Information about cocoa, cocoa butter, dark chocolates, milk chocolates, fake chocolates etc etc was shared by the experts

And after the sweet journey they were allowed to indulge in the sweetest passion one can have in life – SAVOURING of some top class home made chocolates by experts.

Dark chocolates, white chocolates, health chocolates, chocolates with dates etc. etc., you name and think about any type of chocolate and it was there. Chocolates in different shapes, chocolates with spices, with fruit fillings, chocolates made for your good health with fillings of peanut butter, Tulsi n honey, Amla , etc were on offer. Chocolates to please kids in toy shapes, white chocolates with Indian touch or flavours, chocolates with pan flavour and many other variety was made available for tasting.


And believe me guys I was there for two sessions and want you all to envy me for two greatest hours of my life of chocolate tasting.I tasted quite a few and found a few really best and would love to name there here – No. 1 was the white chocolate with rose and elaichi fillings – it really changed my perspective towards white chocolate. I was amazed that a white chocolate can also taste so brilliant.

Next was the Health chocolate with tulsi and honey, followed closely by the chocolates with dates and dry fruits. I loved the chocolates with Kiwi fruit fillings too – the tanginess of kiwi was so evident

It was so hard for me to taste the toy shaped chocolates and honestly I didnt taste even one of them. It would really broken heart of a kid if I had broken the toy.

So guys if you love chocolates and also want to learn th ear of chocolate making – contact  and enjoy my pictures and keep envying me.


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