Why Exatraveller


Hi folks, I am Pradeep Chamaria, fondly known as the Pahadi Photographer among friends.

I studied to become an Engineering graduate with a Post Graduate in MIS, but I have a travel bug in me. And that makes me a travel photojournalist/blogger by passion. I am a keen photographer and my camera always travels with me even to my professional work space. Yes I know that a Smartphone can help me in taking pics on a daily basis, but I still rely on my DSLR. 

Finding me in my current home town Delhi is very tricky as my passion takes me away to unknown and unexplored vistas all over the world.

I normally don’t plan a trip, but when given a destination to cover- I make it a point to do some research on it so that when I am travelling I don’t miss on anything important. Also while travelling I try to mix up with the locals and try to imitate their lives – habits, culture etc.

Since 1992, I have been sharing and making places desirable for other travelers through my experiential Travel Photography and Travel Writing. I love to capture the sights, people, sounds, and stories of the places I visit. I am a Travel Photographer who can turn a destination into the most sought after. I am featured in imagesbazaar and indiapicture websites.

The name of my blog – ‘exatraveller’ has been chosen keeping in mind the “Infinity” factor that the world of travelling has. EXA means infinity and Traveller means traveler – so combined it is – Infinitive traveller.

In my travel writing, I don’t normally write about the usual 10 things to do, 15 landmarks, 12 tips, etc, but I still make you know about destinations through my first hand experiences. I have been Routinely Published in Srishti, Terrascape, The Statesman, Discover India, Swagat, The Times of India, The Hindustan Times, Sakal Times, The Pioneer etc.

I have also authored a coffee table/pictorial book on Kailash Manasarovar Yatra, and the first edition was sold out in a very short time.

I am also an avid nature lover and making me travel to mountains is a kid’s play. I can venture out on a trek or an adventure trip at a very short notice and normally love to indulge in lots of adventure sports.

I am also a winner of various photography awards like Incredible India, Fujifilm Travel photo awards, Singapore, etc.

Exatraveller blogs normally are based on personal experiences and have been liked by people all over the world.

I also work with various brands and tourism boards and promote various activities which are of interest and importance to my audience.

I also have serious concerns about the Earth that we live in, and hence cover environment related issues also in my blog and features.

Exatraveller also features blogs on Food, which I think is an essential part of travelling. It also features lifestyle, tech, health and wellness blogs too, which also are very important in modern day lives of a traveller.

I am open to collaborative opportunities with various brands and tourism boards for freelance content writing, photography assignments, reviews etc.

Please get in touch for the details of opportunities that are listed in my media kit.

You can get in touch with me at prads12000@yahoo.com and also at +91 9015614319




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