Plaza Premium Lounge celebrates “Tea Day”

What is the best way to chill out with friends or make new friends with strangers? Well, in India it is the Chai (Tea) shop in your neighbourhood or the roadside tea stall. Nothing is better than a cup of steaming hot glass of cut chai to break the ice.Chai helps in making new connections. It’s the beverage that India can’t live without.

Also Tea is the most popular beverage in India and is brewed in almost every household across the country. In India, Chai is more than just a cup of tea to start the day and it is an integral part of the rhythm of life.

April 21st is observed as Tea Day worldwide and Plaza Premium Lounge has come up with a selective range of stimulating Teas to mark the day. Hot or cold or served with spices to calm one’s throat or simply chugged for detoxification and weight loss, tea lovers can’t stay away from this magical beverage.

At the popular Tea stations serving freshly brewed Tea at Plaza Premium lounge the guests would get to savour new aromatic flavours of tea at the lounges including a few unusual yet intriguing flavours.

Guests can detoxify and soothe their nerves with the Herbal Tea being served on this day which is infused with the goodness of ginger, ginseng, liquorice, cardamom and basil. This Herbal Tea is perfect for the summers as it is light and quickly energizes the body. For someone who is not fond of hot tea, one can enjoy some refreshing flavors ofIced Tea curated specially for the occasion. From Spiced Orange to Apple Cinnamon, guests would love the zing in the Iced Tea. Guests would be spoiled for choices as the tea range also includes the all-time favorite Masala Chai and lip smacking Chocolate flavored Chaiapart from the regular tea being served.

So friends, head to Plaza Premium Lounge and enjoy your Cuppa Tea!

What: Tea Day at Plaza Premium Lounge

Where: Plaza Premium Lounge, Domestic Departures lounges at Delhi Terminal 3, Bangalore and Hyderabad Airports

When: On 21st April 2018

Price: Lounge access starts at Rs.1200 plus taxes

Plaza Premium Lounge, headquartered in Hong Kong, Plaza Premium Group is the pioneer and industry leader in providing Premium Airport Services in over 160 locations of 37 international airports across the world, with a collective goal of ‘enhancing your airport experience’. The Group comprises four core airport services, Airport Lounge, Airport Transit Hotel, Airport Meet & Greet Service, and Airport Dining.

The Group currently employs over 4,000 staff and serves over 12 million passengers around the world annually. The Group is dedicated to providing quality services and possesses proprietary knowledge in airport hospitality industry. By continuously surpassing travellers’ expectation, the Group’s network is rapidly growing across major international airports around the world.



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