Innovative Dishes in Delhi NCR

Here are a few top most innovations in the Food sector:

Gazpacho Italioano

Gazpacho Italioano is a chilled soup made from tomatoes and raw vegetables, finished with Italina extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and bread croutons at Artusi Ristorante e bar at their G.K II outlet.. This is one of the most exotic chilled version of cold soups and is priced at Rs 480/- plus taxes.

Gucci ShorbaGucci Shorba at Karma Kismet with slow poached vegetables, white truffle oil and Mushroom Pate is one of the most innovative experiments with Gucci used in soups. It is light and flavorsome and is served in a very artistic manner. This makes the saying “food should first be eaten with your eyes before you dig into those to satiate your hunger” realistic. Priced at Rs 525/- plus taxes

Litchi tikkaLitchi Tikka at Prankster, Gurgaon is one of the best innovations in the appetisers section. It is mouthlicious, fantabulous, and heavenly. Litchi pulp filled with mawa and tossed with dry fruits, a must for every fruity food lover. Rs 310/-

pomengranate dumplingsPomegranate Dumplings, atTama Brewery and World Kitchen, Faridabad is another great innovation in appetizer sections. This provides newer dimensions to dumplings which are with green color skin topped with Pomegranate seeds. Fillings of wild mushroom and chestnut enhance the flavours and it is a treat for taste sensations. Priced at Rs 285/- plus taxes/

Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow at Papa Buns, GTB Nagar, is an innovative conceptualization of the food served to Indian prisoners during Apartheid in S. Africa. Food served to prisoners posed a problem, the gravy/daal used to spread out in the plates making the food messy before it reached the mouths. To overcome this they started using square shaped breads with a cavity which can hold the  gravy/daal.

Paneer Makhani filled Bun is the best out here, the gravy soaks into the walls of the bread served and give a new twist to the taste. The buns were served with a side portion of grated carrot, chilli and onion salad. Priced at Rs Rs 199/- plus taxes.

evolution of Paan

Evolution of the Paan, again at Karma Kismet is a Paan with a twist and is a modern avtar of Paan. It is a combo of Khus extract, beetle mut paste, calcium extracts, fenugreek seeds, and cryo sheared Paan leaves. Priced at Rs 175/-  plus taxes




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