Exquisite Mediterranean Food @Amuse House

We recently were at Amuse House at Ansal Plaza New Delhi. This is a new restaurant being added to the reviving plaza. The décor is pretty inviting in aqua blue tone with chandeliers and stylish candle stands. Located on the first floor the ambiance is quite simplistic but stylish. The place stands up to its name “Amuse” i.e. to entertain. The staff here leaves no stone unturned when it come to please and serve the guest with a smile.


The menu primarily features Mediterranean cuisine with a lot of twists and fusion. The best thing was that they had a lot of vegetarian options for a veggie like me. And even when they did not have a vegetarian dish; chef Arvind Bharti was smart enough to curate a veggie dish by replacing the non-veggie item form a regular non-vegetarian material to make the guest happy and content.

I had a chance of meeting Mr. Tushar Kapoor, Director of the newly opened Amuse House too during our recent visit to this European Bistro. And found him quite optimistic about his new venture and here is what he said, ‘I want each one of my guests to be amused by the food, flavors, drink and ambiance of my restaurant.’

Coming to the food now; we tasted a few dishes from the exhaustive menu that they have. Some dishes were created especially for us. We started with mocktails and tried a few signature drinks. Innovation was at its best with ingredients like raw mango, oranges and other fruits. We loved each of the drink and enjoyed the Butter tasting with the Breads platter. The breads were served with three different varieties of flavored butter; plain butter, Basil butter and Tomato butter. It was a great experiment and we loved both the basil and tomato butter.


We then tried one of the chef’s special, Chickpeas special –Falafel with sesame sauce along with Hummus and Pita bread. I loved the flavours that chickpeas provided to the Falafel and also the crispiness. The Hummus spread was also amazing and tasted great with the freshly baked pita bread.


Next we tried the Artichoke & Potato Bruschetta. It again was very well presented and had hung curd base topped with potatoes, artichokes and parmesan cheese.


The most amazing presentation and tasty dish of the evening was the Ricotta cheese salad with tomato puree and sundried tomato. It’s been almost a month that I have tasted this salad, but I still don’t have the proper words to describe it. Please see it for yourself thru the pics.


We then ordered another exclusive masterpiece; the Mexican Sweet corn stuffed chilies. I normally pick out all chilies from dishes served to me, but this dish was only chilies. So what to do?

The presentation was awesome. And taste wise it was not that burning either due to the cheese and corn fillings. The bright green and red combination was amazing and the edible flowers enhanced the whole experience.


For the mains we were served the Barley risotto. I was full by this time and whatever space I had in my tummy was reserved for desserts. So I just tried a spoonful, and was impressed with the taste. It had a delectable blend of cheese, barley and spices.


It soon was time to devour the Mediterranean desserts and we were served Amuse House Med Box which includes four types of Mediterranean desserts and we loved each and every dessert in the box, though Baklaava was the best. We also ordered a Choco pastry and enjoyed that too to satiate our sweet teeth.


The best part of a meal at Amuse House was the exotic presentations that the kitchen was doing. Most of the dishes were like master art pieces. We found Amuse House to be a great place for Mediterranean food and loved the veggie combinations that chef has turned out.

A re-visit is a must.



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