Tama Brewery and World Kitchen, Faridabad

Delhi NCR has been mushrooming with new entrants in the culinary world almost on a daily basis. But this growth was confined to central and west Delhi, Gurugram and Noida. Faridabad was missing on some good places for a great dining place and lounge.

No more guys, Tama Brewery and World Kitchen, Faridabad has recently opened up and is a multi cuisine dining and bar in Sector 16 Faridabad which is not afraid of experimenting with unique fusion dishes and beverage.


I was awestruck as I climbed up to the second floor and entered the place.  Such a unique place in Faridabad was beyond my imaginations. It was a great combination of a night club, a restaurant and a microbrewery.

Tama has a spacious lounge with separate small separate lounges to accommodate small party groups. The place can accommodate 200-300 people for party and when we went there, it was almost a full house. And it was not even a week that they have started.


Interiors at Tama are well designed. The interiors and ambiance can rival any of the big names in Gurugram culinary areas. The lightings in one of the smaller lounge made out of Money Plant pots were breathtaking. Not even for a minute we felt that we were dining in Faridabad.


The staff was very energetic and knowledgeable about what they were serving. The exec chef also came out on our table and explained about his fusion experiments. Finding out that we were veggies, he suggested his best creations from the green dotted sections of the menu.

And our great culinary journey began with a few mocktails to start with. We started with a Nutella Milk shake, which was just ok for a milk shake. It had good flavours but lacked the consistency and was quite liquefied. But the Mango Smoothie and Indian connection containing Aampana opened up my appetite for a grand dinner.


Soon, our table was flooded with the choicest starters from the menu. The first dish on our table was Dahi Kabab, one of the best Dahi Kebabs served in Delhi NCR area. It was a little sweet and tasted divine with the nuts filling adding the flavours.


It was a sweetish appetizer to start, but the next was tangy Butter Mushroom gravy Fillo Sheet, Butter Mushroom Luqmi. It was the best of the dish that I had that night. Makhini cheese Balls, a combination of Makhini gravy Mushroom and cheese was equally commendable.


Then came the best presentation of the evening; Pomegranate Dumplings  with green color skin topped with Pomegranate seeds. Fillings of wild mushroom and chestnut enhanced the falvours and it was a treat for my taste sensations.

Kachalu Chaat was overdone and had an overdose of Mustard oil flavor. But as the word went into the kitchen of our views about this Chat, the chef quickly send us another plate with a redone preparation. Now that is what is called Professionalism and I am sure this will certainly take Tama to greater heights.


Pankhtuni Paneer Tikkas were again quite different from the usual tikkas we normally get at other eateries. Pankhtuni spices and the filling of nut in the cottage cheese cubes made the paneer even more delicious.


Pav Bhaji Fondue was great to look at, but ranked 4th in terms of our ranking of starters – out of the seven that we had that evening.

I wanted to skip the main course, but then chef sent us one of his best Italian creations, the Pizza Roma. It was a puff based avatar of the normal Pizza with oven roast onion, oven dried tomato, roast pepper and goat Cheese toppings. The aroma of the serving was fabulous and the flavours filled up our table.


In the end we tried the classic Blueberry Cheese cake and Gulab Jamun Cheese cake from the desserts section. I loved the desi flavours of the Gulab Jamun fusion.


Our overall experience with food was awesome. And for the food loving folks of Faridabad I only have one recommendation – Go ahead and have a gala time at Tama.


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