Can I have a smartPHONE please…

2017 had been a year of so many futile attempts of introducing so many devices labeled as a phone by so many Chinese smartphone manufacturers. These manufacturers talk about everything other than the actual phone features on their devices. In fact most of these devices dont even confirm to 4G technology when it comes to using the communications through the talk or actual PHONE mode.

Also we saw unfair trade practices by manufacturers even of Apple status – cheating their customers by deliberately slowing down iPhones in order to prolong the life of old batteries in iPhone 6, giving false specifications about the hardware and performance.

Where has the honestly and transparency between a company and its consumers gone? We questioned Android phone makers – but got unsatisfactory replies.

We saw bigger display screens, 18:9 HD, Full Vision Screen, dualfie smart camera, High MP cameras, etc. etc. .. so many blah blahs. Everybody talked of the amazing feature that the smarphone device they are marketing featured only cameras, music, video playbacks, but no one even bothered to talk about the core device as a PHONE.

Some even went to the extent of faking their specifications. They claim to have features on their device which the hardware does not support. Vivo was one of them – claiming to launch a 24MP camera device on a sensor / processor which does not support such a high MP specs.

I recently attended one such launch – maybe it was the last launch of 2017 – in which they highlighted their phone feature as 3G calling – where as everything else they talked about was 4G and when questioned – no  satisfactory answer was given.

Brands like VIVO, OPPO, ASUS, REDMi, Gionee, InFocus, HONOR and so many others are pursuing this kind of practices. We questioned almost every brand – but the officials bypassed the questions and started ignoring us.

so what is the TRUTH?

The consequences of Apple’s confession have lead to a lot of confusion on the intentions of all these manufacturers. Are these brands just going continue doing this?

India wants to know the answer.







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