Exotic times at AMPM cafe, Gurgaon

Galleria market, located right in the heart of Gurgaon is one of the busiest markets in the area.  It has a Milan type open market setting and is quite impressive. You have all kinds of stores here, and Food and restaurant are the most important sections. Various food options range from Indian to Italian to Chinese to Continental.

I also visited the market recently after a long gap to review one of the famous cafes here – the AMPM Café. It was on my wish list for a long long long time, and finally I walked into the cafe to relish some of their famous milk shakes, alias Lickables.

AMPM is located at the roof top of the market area, Galleria Market (2nd Floor). The café is spread out over a pretty spacious dining area, both indoors and outdoors. In fact the outdoor area looked more inviting, but I chose to settle down indoors only coz of September hot afternoon of Gurgaon.  The indoors are well decorated with Hollywood movie posters with a live kitchen, small bar and a live music area.

The menu offers various cuisines like Italian, Indian, continental n American delicacies. The drinks and their USP milkshake’s variety are also awesome. Targeting the corporate, it also offers breakfast option and the service is prompt.

As I made myself comfy on the plush cushioned chairs, my lovely host greeted me and advised me not to leave the cafe without trying out the Lickables.

The Lickables or the thick mail shakes that they serve are the best in the entire Delhi NCR area, and they also have a wide variety of flavours too, like Ms. Alphonso, Valentino, Magnum Upside Down, etc. These LICKABLES should first be eaten with your eyes and then you can dig into those to satiate your thirst.

I have heard so much and seen so many pics of the Magnum Upside Down, that I had no difficulty in choosing it as the first one. I wanted also to taste the Kulfi e Chic and also the Chocolate and Gazak variety, but kept it for later on. Unfortunately I got filled up with the fist lickable and also with the great variety of food that I tasted. So I had to leave them for a second visit in near future.

As the name says, the Magnum Upside down has a Magnum bar upside down and also a cone and some delicious Chocolate shake inside. It really was a smashing shake, and I surely would love to come back here to enjoy these lickbales again.

The kitchen then had some great food for me, and quickly the ever smiling waiters started serving. I relished AMPM Chaat (a great in-house preparation and named aptly). I loved the unique presentation, the Palak patta pakoras added miles to the presentations.

Next was the Bruschettas, which were again very well done. This was followed by a very delicious mushroom dish, Tangy Button Mushrooms, which was button mushrooms tossed in spicy Schezwan sauce. One of the top preparations of mushroom – that one could ever get to eat.

In the starter section – I also got to taste the Spicy Mushroom Dim Sums. The spicy mushroom fillings in these steamed dumplings made me sweat, and I quickly resorted back to my delicious Lickables again. It sure was a great match between the spicy mushrooms and sweet and cold lickables.

Time for the main course now, and I opted for the Dal Makhni Shots with mini garlic naans, and Autumn Vegetable Pizza. The Daal was very well prepared and delicious, and was a great dish along with the soft Naans. The Autumn Vegetable Pizza was a thin crust pizza and excellent with lots of veggie toppings.

Well, folks, I already was enjoying a lot of desserts along with my meals in form of the Lickable, but then I normally don’t refuse any offer of desserts. And this time, before the chef could serve me his selections, I was quick to order the dessert from the menu.

Sweet surprise, it turned out that our choice was the same; we both opted for the AMPM Kulfi Gajak. The season sure was almost knocking on the doors of winter time in Delhi area, and what could be better than enjoying Gajak after a heart and tummy full meal.

So there it was, two lovely scoops of Kulfi covered with chocolate spheres with pieces of Gajak spread around. Wow, was the only thing I could say – on eyeing this wonderful presentation. And promptly I removed the choco cover and started eating. But then the chef stopped me and used a torch flame to melt down the choco cover on the kulfi. And then on it was a simple sinful indulgence for me and I even forgot to take my camera out and shoot pics of the dessert.

Drinks over, starters enjoyed thoroughly and meals also done with, the desserts leaving you awe-struck; What else do you want when you go to a café?

Nothing, I guess, so I also started to leave with a heavy heart and full tummy with a promise to soon visit again for relishing the other Lickables that I couldn’t try that day….


Food: 4.5/5       Drinks: 5/5     Service:4.5/5                  Ambainace: 4/5

Address: 2nd floor, Galleria Market, Gurgaon.

Food for two: about 1500 for two (with alcohol)

All Pics by Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are entirely on the experiences by me during the day and time of my visit. Actual experience may vary on your day and time of visit. The pics were shot on site and no money exchanged hands.


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