Barsys – The Cocktail JukeBox

We all love our drinks, whether they are cocktails or mock-tails, its not important. What is important is that we all love a well made drink at our favourite lounge. Recently there had been some complaints in the F & B industry about the low quality of cocktails or mock-tails normally served in almost all the pubs/bars/lounges across the city. The complaint mostly is about the right mix of a drink.

But, I guess this will be a thing of past now. As Mr Akshet Tiwari, Founder and CEO- Barsys, recently showcased his latest product, Barsys, a Tech enabled robot for making bar style cocktails, which gives a perfect blend of cocktails every time. Its kind of a “DIY” machine which enables you to label yourself a “tech enabled mixologist”.

Barsys in fact is a fully automated cocktail maker designed to act as a tool for bar-tenders, enabling them to cater more number of customers. A mobile interface based on Android and iOS platform ensures that the customers on different platforms can choose or customize their favorite cocktail. Its quite a sleek and compact system which can easily be stored in the bar at your home/office.

Barsys, the forward-thinking automated system for making cocktails and mixed drinks is the brainchild of Akshet Tewari.  Barsys monitors the consumption patterns, pour quantities, and can notify the user for ingredients if they are running low. The App stores all the data in the cloud and can be used to improve inventory management and develop data backed consumer insights. The system combines robotic hardware with cloud-based software to prepare your favorite cocktail faster than a bartender.

As Barsys has been designed with customization in mind, almost any kind of additive can be used to prepare your favorite cocktail, giving it the ability to prepare over 2000 cocktails or neat spirit drinks. The purpose of a perfect mixed drink is very precisely achieved with the help of complex algorithms used in BARSYS, each cocktail requiring a different algorithm. The machine controls liquor/cocktail pour sizes and ensures portioned drinks and cocktails. The pour sizes can also be configured without bounds for a distinct cocktail taste through an easy UI of the app.

Barsys LLC was incorporated in Delaware in September 2016 – A.N.A. transferred its IP to Barsys and became a shareholder in U.S. based entity. Barsys LLC is now headquartered in NY with its operations & R&D being conducted from New Delhi.

A B2B innovation developed so that a large population of less skilled bartenders can be complemented with an automated solution which is aesthetically pleasing & has an attractive, standardized, and efficient preparation method.

Barsys surely is going to be a revolution in the F &B industry. Every pub needs to develop consumer insights on favorite/highest selling cocktail so as to improve their menu.

It is of great help if one can keep track of his inventory, and Barsys lets you do that with an ease. New mixes can be tried out very easily on this system. This system can help small pubs to keep pace with the rapid growth in the number of connected ‘Internet of Things’ devices, which is expanding 15 – 20% per year and expected to reach 26 – 30 billion devices by 2020.

Today we live in a society where significant opportunities enable our youth earn high disposable incomes and most of these youth today have a strong affinity for leading edge technology products and mobile applications. And Barsys is certainly going to be one such product which will attract thousands of them.

The product is priced very handsomely and kept under a price tag of Rs one lakh. This price is definitely affordable to most of our middle class and upper class society and will certainly be a talk of the town in coming days.

Barsys comes in two variants namely Barsys Pro and Barsys Elite which has a 6 bottles holding capacity and 5 bottles holding capacity respectively. The Barsys can make more than 2000 drinks.


Product Overview:-


The technology used in Barsys is the culmination of some spectacular engineering. In order to achieve great accuracy everything has been designed from scratch, from the user interface to the dispensing mechanism. Barsys’s dispensing technology represents the ultimate innovation for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. For carbonated liquids, our mechanism helps in preserving 60-70% of carbonation. All this is done so that you can enjoy the cocktails the way it is meant to be.


Barsys is designed with finesse which easily blends well with your bar or living room. The challenge was to make an ergonomic product which is aesthetically beautiful.


A great deal of their research involves in making sure that the perfect mixture of liquids is poured. Barsys will give you a consistent mixture of ingredients every time to an accuracy of 99.01%.


Barsys has been designed keeping the users in mind. The lighting of the machine guides the users through the drink making process. The UI of the machine is user-friendly and displays all the information required to make a drink. The machine also provides information about quantity of ingredients in each bottle, number of drinks made in a certain period and more.

Clean & Simple

To make life simpler, Barsys comes with an automated Clean-in-Process (CIP) which allows the user to clean the dispensing lines by the click of a button. This has been added keeping in mind that a great host maintains a great hygiene.

Ease of Use

Once you set the ingredients in the machine; it filters through the drinks database and gives you a list of drinks that can be prepared by the click of a button. You can even customize your drink down to the last drop, all to suit your taste-buds.

Video link of Barsys system

Barsys – Tech enabled cocktail maker


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