BARIS – A Turkish Affair

BARIS reminded me of the great time I had when I was visiting a friend in Istanbul, Turkey. It was a long time ago, and I used to look out for authentic Turksih food in Delhi. An authentic Turkish restaurant serving typical Mediterranean cuisine was a necessity for Delhi, and thanks to the efforts of Mr. Arjun Toor, Creator and Director of BARIS, we now have a restaurant which provides people a rejuvenating Turkish fine dining experience.

‘BARIS’ literary means ‘Peace’ in Turkish, and the restaurant definitely has succeeded in that for me. The moment I entered the restaurant, the interiors designed along the lines of classical Turkish architecture had a hypnotising affect on me. I forgot all the tensions of outside world and was now looking forward to satisfy my taste buds with some authentic Mediterranean food n drinks.

Located at the heart of the city, this experience-based restaurant took me on a journey to the land of the crescent moon with its ambience created with scrupulous attention, food created with the intention to represent the entire Mediterranean landmass and peace which naturally belongs to BARIS.

Every care has been taken here to make the patron feel the ambiance of streets in Turkey, and while dining he feels as if he is feasting on the amazing dishes you normally get on the streets of Istanbul and other places in Turkey.

According to Mr Ajay, “BARIS is a unique Mediterranean experience which caters to all the senses. A visually delighting ambience, a memorable taste, touching the Mediterranean lands from inside, hearing the voice of the middle-eastern heritage and blending your breath with the aroma of ambrosial food is what BARIS is all about.”

The dishes on the menu of BARIS are handpicked while keeping the significance of heterogeneity and perfection in mind. With the responsibility of the BARIS kitchen on the shoulders of well-versed staff led by the proud Turkish Chef Sahin Ibis, there cannot be anything but excellence.
And to addd to the authenticity, they especially get the spices, herbs and other ingredients from Urfa, Adana, Istanbul etc. in Turkey.

We were welcomed with a Bread basket along with some unique dips; cool cucumber, Almond Taratora, and Olive oil Pomoglazed dressing. Each of the dressings had a unique texture and flavours and tasted divine.

Our formal meal started with an authentic Turkish Veg soup, Meremek Corbasi. Let me tell you friends, Turkish food has great similarities with our own Indian food. And this soup was no different; it was like having an Indian Dal (lentil) with chunks of vegetables.

I loved the Ceaser Salad which came next on our tables. It was nicely prepared, and was crunchy and fresh. And we also enjoyed Beet Root Palate Cleanser in Shot glasses before moving on the starter section of the menu.

For the Starters we ordered Cigar Borek and Spinach Fatayer. The Spinach Fatayer were triangular shaped crisp crust generously stuffed with a mixture of spinach and feta cheese. This was a veggie avtar of meat pie which is a regular Arabian cuisine.

The show stopper was flavorsome Cigar Borek, a crisp roll in the shape of cigar stuffed with delicious combination of feta cheese and caramelized onions. The flavor of caramelized onion lingered around in my mouth and made me greedy for more.

Both these dishes were served with a refreshing Turkish, dahi cucumber-olive oil and mint preparation, The Cacik Sauce.

We also tried Labneh with Avacodo, a chilled Mezze along with mock tails –Morrocan Mystry and Frozen baris, basically a slush served with berries.

We also ordered Sebzeli Pide, a veggie Turkish Pizza. Well if you call it a pizza, it was a pizza with grilled vegetables, herbs and Mozzarella topping and served in not a normal shape as we are accustomed to.

The service was quite slow, and it took us 2 hours to finish up our drinks and the starter section. We had really feasted on the starters during this two hour span, so we decide to skip the main course section, and jumped to the Desserts.

We chose two desserts. The first one we tried was Pumpkin Catalana. Pumpkin; oh man, normally I don’t like pumpkin, but this dessert turned out to be the hero of the entire meal, one bite and the magic happened in terms of combination of flavours of honey, pumpkin, vanilla and burnt sugar crust with strawberry sorbet on the palate was out of world. The second dessert we tried was Baklava Duo, which was served here with pistachios, walnut and cinnamon flavors and was served with ice-cream.

And finally after satisfying myself with the authentic Turkish food and recollecting memories of my friend in Istanbul, I thanked the owners and the chef and bid Ciao. But guys to bid Ciao to these amazing guys who have come up with his great restaurant took me a great effort. And I am sure you will also have a great difficulty in doing so after indulging in a great and tasty tour of Turkey when you come to BARIS to get your taste palates wet with some great Mediterranean food and drinks.


Food: 4/5          Drinks: 4.5/5           Décor n Ambiance:4.5/5        Service: 3/5

Address – Building 3, Local Shopping Complex, Mazjid Moth, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi

Meal For Two – Rs. 1,800 for two people (approx.)

Feature drafted on views recd. From Sheela and Praveen – exatraveller Team.

Pics by Sheela Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer: The views are based on a particular day and time when we visited the restaurant for a review. It could differ when you actual visit the restaurant. No money exchanged hands.


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