Best Desserts in Delhi NCR restaurants in 2016

Hi folks,

Its already been 5 days into the year 2017 and we are into a more sweeter year filled up with more and more hopes.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a Grand new year ahead and hope that you all achieve the bestest of food and happiness in 2017.

Last night as I was trying to recollect the best moments I had in 2016, this thought of sharing the best desserts that I have enjoyed with you surfaced and here I am trying to list out a few of the most delectable desserts in Delhi NCR restaurants.

2016 had been a year which gave me ample opportunities – thanks to all my PR friends out there, to go out and try out a lot of desserts – which also are my favourites.

Well, friends, the best desserts, I think that I had in 2016 was at Artusi, an Italian restaurant managed by an Italian – just like an Italian will serve you when in Italy.

  1. Tiramisu – mama mia – what a Tiramisu it was – made as per ancient authentic recipe, handmade with coffee and brandy; it was the best Tiramisu I have ever had in my entire life.
  2. Panna Cotta ai Fichi e le Mandorie, a signature dessert of Artusi;  a truly authentic egg less dessert recipe of true finesse – the sweet figs provide the tangy feel.
  3. Tartufo di Cioccolato, a delicious egg less chocolate cake with dried apricot and hazel nut croquant. I have no words to explain what I felt when I dug into this chocolate pastry.

I do not like this idea of giving grades to any one – so am not going to give them any more numbers, but all of the amazing ones that I have had a chance to sinfully enjoy in 2016 are featured below.

The Hazel nut crème filled, Donut shaped chocolate pastry, Paris Brest at the Artful Baker. Its an amazingly indulgent dessert – full of Hazelnut based crème, topped with Almond flakes and icing Sugar.

Monte Cristo is also a great dessert. A blend of Dark chocolate and French cream, mixed with Praline crunchy, on an almond sponge.

Also the Lemon Tart, full of natural tanginess of the lemon crème. One of the best Lemon Tarts one can get in Delhi.

IMG_8916How do you react when a volcano erupts in front of you and hot molten lava comes down gushing……. Run for your life, right…….Of course yes, but I didn’t… ….. the volcano which erupted at Ambrosia Bliss, was in form of a piece of delicious chocolate  cake and hot black molten chocolate gushed out of the opening created by the spoon. I scooped the molten chocolaty lava and relished it in minutes.



The desserts section at Yes Minister was very appealing. Rasmali and Chocolate Terrine was an innovative mix of traditional rasmalai and chocolate.


Kulfi Bon Bon and the Chocolate Bomb at Californian Boulevard Gurgaon are amazing, and should not be missed.

Great desserts at Barush.

  1. Kheer and Fruit Tart. Superb presentations. The fruits toppings and soft tart made it an amazing dessert.
  2. The best one is the Sinful Chocolate Papri Chaat- Chocolate coins topped with chocolate sponge, fruit and finished with white and dark chocolate sauce and a scoop of cinnamon flavoured ice cream. What a dessert, not for calorie conscious people though.

The dessert section at Flluid at Hotel Mosaic is a great innovation – Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake. It is a mix of our desi dessert Gulab Jamun fused with cheesecake on a cookie base, served with a strawberry sauce – giving it an entirely international look and taste.


The amazing molecular desserts at Unplugged Courtyard.

  1. The desserts are created live at your table side and the first one is the Liquid Nitrogen Lollies in three flavours; chocolate, kiwi and strawberry. The flavoured crush is squeezed on a tray which is already super-cold using liquid nitrogen, and the syrups freeze instantly.
  2. Tthe UC cake. This is done by freezing chocolate cake with liquid nitrogen, and topping it with frozen whipped cream. The most interesting bit is where you have to take a hammer and blast the cake to shards.

University Bistro –

The Apple pie – It is served cold. It looks so fabulous that you will not want to break it. The apple pie is exquisite, every individual flavour of cinnamon, cashews n nuts was evident individually.

Zerruco located at the Hotel Ashok

Homemade tiramisu served in a large size wine glass is creamy and mild in flavor.

Chocolate decadence is a sinful indulgence of dark chocolate moist cake served with vanilla ice-cream, has a strong and rich flavor of dark chocolate.

Lakhori at Haveli Dharmapura

Kheer – Three flavours of kheer served in a ‘cutting chai glass’. Malai, Paan and Beetroot.I loved the Malai one, with the Paan flavour coming a close second.

The Kulfi is a visual delight. Fruit flavoured Kulfi with an outer layer of frozen molded chocolate cone. Paan, Mango, Malai, and Rose flavours are on offer.

Three exotic desserts at Habibi.

Basbusa (Arabic Coconut flavoured sweet cake – baked and sweetened by flavourful sugar syrup),

Sponge Bob Balls (spongy cake balls dipped in flavourful essence and dark chocolate) and

Ruz Bil Hali (Arabic rice pudding flavoured with saffron). Ruz Bin Hali is similar to our beloved Phirni made in a Middle Eastern style.

Dockyard, Gurgaon

Schezwan Pepper Tiramisu, and Sumatra Rich Chocolate Mousse are heavenly in taste and also are visual delights. The texture of Tiramisu is perfect and the spicy angle to the mousse makes it irresistible.

IMG_9647Aanch, Rajouri GardenCoconut Cigar with Ice Cream – a small helping of ice cream served in a goblet has four pieces of Cigars (Deep fried rice sheet filled with coconut and cut diagonally with a garnish of chocolate sauce). The cigars are crispy and the ice cream supplements the exquisiteness. This certainly is a NOT TO BE MISSED item at Aanch.

DRAMA Upside Down Bar

Berry Ananas Roshogulla – The Roshogullas cut into slices and garnished with chopped pistas and dried rose petals are a visual delight and it was really hard for everyone to to dig in and relish them.

Also not be missed – wonderful fusion of Tandoori marinations and sweet paan. This is the Tandoori Paan served as a dessert.

Made In India, Radisson Blu MBD

Parsi Peg Ice Cream, Mawa Cake.

The Parsi peg ice cream is smooth and not too sweet, and also not too airy but still gives a fuzzy feeling. Mawa Cake is yum, its Creamy, silky, cold, not too sweet.


Café Dalal Street

The Sizzling Brownie and Churros.

Churros – crunchy, deep-fried and wrapped in sugar with some white chocolate sauce dipped over and dark chocolate sauce kept aside – just awesome.

One of the one of the best hot brownies I have ever tasted – Steaming hot brownie with a vanilla ice cream top placed in between a sizzling hot chocolate lava layer.

The huge spread of desserts at Gallery Café at Hyatt Place during Sunday Brunch.

The Gulab Jamuns decorated with water melon slices and a basil leaf are hypnotising.

To end it up, try out some amazing cakes and pastries at El-Posto, Model Town. They do have some amazing collection of mouth watering Velvet cakes, and assorted pastries.

And the ever amazing tasty Swiss Ice Creams at Movenpick. They have so many yummy flavours and also combos of waffles and pancakes, sorbets and sundaes, that forces everyone go mad with joy.

Some out of the town amazing desserts:

 The Red Zen at Courtyard by Marriot, Mumbai –

Sankaya – The Pumpkin custard – this amazing dessert Red Zen made me love pumpkin – something which I normally detested earlier.


Sirrocco at Crown Plaza Tonk Road, Jaipur

The Chocolate Layered Pastry surrounded by a white chocolate halo.


Essence at Park Plaza, Zirakpur

Three fabulous sweet items – Baked Yoghurt, Citrus Cheese Cake, and Rose Leaf Compote and Dark Chocolate Truffle.

Also to be tried –  Cinnamon flavoured ice cream.





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