wayForward – an unique emotional wellness program to combat stress and anxiety

wayForward, a digital mental and emotional health company based in New York, launched its app-based program in India with Fortis Healthcare as one of its partners. This science-based program is the first of its kind in the country and moves beyond just connecting people with doctors. The program uses techniques of CBT and Mindfulness to potentially help millions solve problems caused by stress, anxiety and other emotional or mental health issues in the comfort of their own homes, without the fear of stigma, through its unique “coach in your pocket” concept.

Dr. Navya Singh, a researcher at Columbia University, New York, has developed the wayForward program along with renowned global experts in the field of psychology and executive coaching. Mr. Ritvik Singh, CEO of wayForward described it as a go-to app for mental and emotional health or “a gym for your emotions and your brain”.

Dr. Navya Singh explained, “Our mission is simple – to ensure that everyone has access to mental and emotional health support at all times. To accomplish this goal, we have created a solution based on scientifically proven techniques, which is available to users through their smartphones. The program enables users to access self-use modules and relaxation exercises on their own, as well as opt for a personal coach to guide them through this journey.  We have trained clinicians in India to provide coaching through our platform and also bring access to clinicians in the US for those who choose to have international experts.”

The wayForward program is a new-age approach to modifying “negative thought patterns”. The program completely changes the way we tackle mental and emotional health issues as it focuses on preventive wellness, targeting problems much before they have disastrous consequences for ones career, family or personal health. While concluding the event, Mr. Ritvik Singh said,“Our USP is our unique proprietary app algorithm that overcomes the barrier of limited access to experts by providing them real time analytics and smart assistance. The program provides high-quality wellness support en-mass and allows experts to help many more people than is possible with one-on-one support. This becomes especially crucial in a country like India where there is a severe shortage of mental health professionals. After receiving a huge response in the US, we are now making the program and our international experts available in India.”

Please see the following clips on wayForward.






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