Naturopathy @Nimba Nature Cure Village

We were heading for Nimba Nature Cure Village at Baliysana from Ahmedabad on the Mehsana Expressway for the first Bloggers Meet organised by Ayurveda Sutra.

Nimba is one of the first and top Wellness center in Gujarat and is a peaceful and relaxing nature retreat near Ahmedabad. It’s a combination of all the wellness activities – naturopathy, ayurvedic therapies, physiotherapy, organic farming, yoga and meditation centre, reflexologies, etc. which are available for the traveler coming here for cure on a residential basis.

Though this 100 acre complex is located right on the highway, once inside the campus, it feels as if you are inside a peaceful and charismatic Buddhist temple courtyard. A big Buddha statue greeting you to a world of peace, harmony and serenity right at the entrance, greenery all around, meditative atmosphere, fragrance of healing therapy oils, a small temple area, water fountains, and the soothing classical music makes the mind relax and the sounds of the traffic on the highway seems lost in the infinitive universe outside the campus.

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This is Nimba, where they follow the rules of complete wellness through Naturopathy very strictly. At the entrance of the campus we were checked for any food /tea bags/liquor we were carrying. Yes, dear even tea is not allowed on campus, though they gave us an overdose of herbal drinks. Also no Sugar, you get Gur (Jaggery to sweeten your herbal drinks).  They follow the ancient prescribed norms of healthy eating and living. Here one can get treated in ancient and traditional manners for different kind of ailments – physical and mental and help rejuvenate the body. Traditional nature cure procedures also, massages and ayurvedic medicine provide the much needed treatment.

We were here at Nimba the first blogger’s meet organized by Ayurved Sutra. The two day meet was an attempt by Ayurved Sutra and Nimba to bring us closer to Nature and help us learn ways to treat our own bodies with more care.

“NIMBA” has been taken from the Sanskrit term “Nimbati Syasthyamdadati”, which means ‘to provide good health’ and is an Oswal Group initiative.

Nimba provides various kinds of treatments in traditional ways. An extremely motivated and committed team of doctors and therapists ensure the highest levels in the quality of treatment and medicinal preparations. Special health and beauty care packages are specifically designed to treat modern day maladies like stress, obesity, weight loss and hair loss.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Ahemedabad, the place is soul soothing and peaceful. People from all walks of life come here; high profile people and celebrities visit for rejuvenation and health-related treatment in a natural way. If anyone needs advice for medical problems, then there is a specialist ayurvedic doctor and a team of over 40 therapists.  Depending on the nature of problem, you could be suggested different kinds of treatments and massages.

We arrived quite late in the night, or Shall I say we arrived quite early in the morning. And after a quick check in we rested only for a while to be woken up at 4:30 in the morning to start our day with Sat yoga activities.

We were put up in a cottage which had three rooms and I shared a room with my colleague Parej. Different types of accommodation options are available for stay at Nimba. Care has been taken to design them in an eco-friendly manner and at the same time equip them with modern day amenities for a comfortable stay.

The itinerary for Day-1 was pre-planned so that we can join the typical day activities which start at 5:00 in the morning at Nimba. This day we were going to explore the campus to enjoy, understand the techniques of Natural Wellness practices and learn to live in coordination with Nature.

Though I was still very tired and sleepy, I got up and forced others to get ready and head for the Sat Yoga center. Everyone from our team of 14 bloggers from all over India got into the Yoga Kendra one by one and experienced the Yogic Satkarma kriyas of Hath Yoga. We practiced the Jala-Neti and Chakshu kriya (eye wash) at Yoga Kendra.

Jala Neti is a yogic kriya too clean one’s sinuses. The kriya benefits (Nasal Cleaning) to cure from sinusitis, snoring, asthma, headache, hay fever, depression etc..

Mani Yogi helped us practice the two procedures and then lead us to the main Yoga center where we practiced a few yoga asana and pranayam to further relax and streamline our souls with nature. We then moved on to an outdoor area where some round stones were laid into the ground in a pre-determined manner in alternate dry and water filled tracks. This was the area for Hydro Reflexology.

Walking through the three different types of tracks (one dry, one filled with cold water and the last one filled with luke warm water) was so soothing to my feet that I did not want to come out of the area, but then I was feeling hungry and also it was time now for breakfast and drinks as per the Dincharya (Daily Wellness plan) for us.

So we head out to Dining hall near the reception area. The ever smiling Buddha again greeted us as we entered the dining hall. Everyone of us was so used to the modern day breakfast of toasts etc. that it was a surprise for us to see only Poha prepared in a very very simple way being served and also in place of the a cup of tea/coffee it was a cup of herbal drink. I was still hungry and on my request they gave me a bowl of cut-fruits.

Well this was the Wellness breakfast. They follow a very strict policy of healthy food at Nimba. They preach and practice the philosophy of ‘Food is Medicine’ and all of the raw material for food is grown inside the campus at the Organic Farms. The next 4 meals for us during our two day stay included Uttapam, Spinach, sprouts, herbals juices, corn soup, tomato soup, fruit salad, cucumber raita, bottle gourd kheer, dhokla with no chilly, upma, vegetable oats, vegetable daliya etc. Almost all of these preparations were without oil for a healthier diet.

After the healthy breakfast it was now time for Therapies at the Therapy center. Here I met Dr.Joy for consultation and after thoroughly examining me; he prescribed the Therapies that I was to undergo. I was prescribed Raaga Therapy, Reflexology, Detox Therapy, Mud Pack therapy, complete body massage, Janu Vasti (Knee treatment) , and a hydro treatment for my spinal problems. (I will talk about the complete therapy I underwent in a separate feature).

Everyone in the team was similarly given consultations and prescribed separate treatments depending on his/her body needs. The therapy session was divided into two sessions and we had a wellness lunch break in between.

After the therapy sessions, we had some time to relax and also to go cycling in the campus and get a feel of it. I was keen on exploring the Organic Farms but then it was getting late for the Snacks and the health drinks session to be followed by a Health awareness session by Dr. Joy where everyone tried to understand how to use nature to stay healthy. So I decided to take this tour the next morning.

Most of us in the bloggers team decided to have a relaxed Day 2. But as I had decided to go for a tour of the Organic Farms, I along with three others set out early in the morning. The farms were in a stage of shift from an earlier crop cycle, but it still was a very pleasant tour. The caretaker at the farms took us around and we visited his home and also the Director’s cottage.

Coming back from the farms and after another healthy breakfast, we experienced a session of Aquatic Yoga. Aquatic Yoga or Aqua Yoga as the name suggests is yoga done in water. And we were doing this at Nimba at the swimming pool. Aqua Yoga is good for mature people, pregnant women (to be done only on doctor’s advice), people with injuries or chronic conditions and for water lovers like me.

After about an hour of Aqua yoga, we all headed to the Conference hall for a presentation session with Mr Jayant Bakodia, CEO, NIMBA, Mr. Naresh Tarwani, Arvind Mills, Ms. Priyanshi Patel, Young Entrepreneur, Mr. Joy Singh, Chief Medical Officer, NIMBA and Mrs. Komal Kalantry, vice-President, Nimba.

At the session all the eminent speakers spoke about their experiences and the importance of such therapies and the importance of healthy living in tune with Mother Nature. Importance of the idea of Wellness in the corporate atmosphere was stressed on by Mr Naresh and Ms. Priyanshi stressed on the relation of Industry and Naturopathy.

Mr.Jayant Bakodia, CEO briefed us about Nimba, he said, “NIMBA is a unique facility that aims at helping visitors restore the natural balance of their mind, body and spirit through modern medical advancements, ancient medical techniques and contemporary & international therapies which enhance and augment the original. Treatments and therapies at the centre are based on the five elements— Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Ether called as Panch-Mahabutuas and are intended to bring balance in body and improve general health.”

We were then presented the Certificates of Participation and a Token of Presence. We finally bid bye bye to everyone at Nimba, especially Mrs. Komal for all a mind freshening and rejuvenating experience. We also expressed our thanks to Mr. Praveen and Mrs. Shruti Prabhakar from Ayurveda Sutra for having organised this great meet – the first edition of Wellness bloggers meet and hoped there will be many more such meets coming up in near future.



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