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We recently happened to attend the first Media event at Prankster, Gurgaon, the latest addition to the culinary and pub scenario of Gurgaon.

I always used to complain about the small carpet area that almost every  restaurant has in the Sector 29 at Gurgaon. But Prankster, owned by Inderjeet Singh Banga and Jasmeet Banga (owners of Pirates of Grill) with the most talked about and well known name on the Delhi NCR food scenario Pawan Soni, is a gigantic single floor property with a floor area of 10,000 sq. feet. It is the biggest single floor restaurant in the entire Gurgaon. The entire floor is designed with a college campus theme and each and every section of a residential college campus is represented here in a well thought and planned way.

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As you enter the restaurant you walk into the Library section of the college, and then as you take a tour, you pass through the Amphitheater, Science Laboratory, College canteen and street food van, Parking lot for cars as well as two wheeler, conference room, class rooms etc. Hold on folks, are we missing something here? Yes we are missing the most important section of a residential college – the Hostels or the Dormitory. Inderjeet took us to the corner of the restaurant where he has designed the dorms – and mentioned that this will be for a few selected guests only.

Inderjeet and Pawan has done wonders with the food too here. They have roped in none other than Chef Harangad Singh who recently was creating wonders in Dubai food circles.

Inderjeet informed us that the idea behind such a setup was to give it a college look where the youth can come in and chill. Those who look for some cozy times with their groups can go inside the conference hall, or the dorm area. He boasted of being the only place in Delhi which serves some unique fusions in the food specially the Tikka fusions and the fusions they have done with Pav Bhaji and other Bombaiya flavours.

Though the official launch is still awaited, Prankster is already creating a buzz with their unique presentations and fusion in food.

We were here for a media meet and were served Drinks and munchies and a few starter items. We informed the staff about our choice of mock-tails and veggie food only and were taken great care by the smiling staff throughout our stay. We even got to taste their cock-tails sans the liquor to relish the taste of a few signature drinks.

We had Apple Cinnamon Mojito made of fresh apple chunks, mint leaves, cinnamon syrup, Tikhi Imli made of Tamarind paste, green chilly, sweet sour and soda, and Basil Wali Mango made with mango puree, basil, and ice cream. The Apple Cinnamon Mojito deserves a special mention.

Out of the cocktail menu, the drinks that were served to us (Sans alcohol) were Curvaceous Watermelon (water melon, star anise, basil, and sweet n sour), Prankster Punk (fresh orange, lime chunks, peach puree and apple juice),  and Babaji Ki Butti (hajmola syrup, cucumber, mint leaves, ginger, and sprite). The Prankster Punk was the best among all the drinks served.

For starters we had Lotus stem crisps served in an aeroplane model, Litchi Tikkas, Dahi Kebabs, Honey Chilli Potatoes, Bombay Tawa Pulao Croquettes, Veggie spring rolls, Thai Green scented Water Chestnut Kulcha, College Pattice with Truffle and Button Mushroom, Pav Bhaji Zinker, and two varieties of Pizzas – the Paneer Tikka Pizza, and the Honey Hawaiian Pizza.

Of special mention here are the followings:

  • Litchi Tikka – the best innovation by the Chef, it was mouthlicious, fantabulous, and heavenly. We had at least 4 servings of these. Litchi pulp filled with mawa and tossed with dry fruits, this was by far the best tarter I have ever had in my life. A must for every fruity food lover.
  • img_1723
  • Dahi Kebabs – Super duper, had all the flavours of a typical Marwari style Dahi preparation. The almond on the top added to the looks, and a not to be missed dish.
  • img_1727
  • Paneer Tikka Pizza – The flavours were awesome, Paneer tikka taste was evident in every bite. A special mention about the base of the pizza – it was freshly made and amazingly soft and crispy. This again was something that you will not find anywhere else.

All throughout this tasting of the starters our glasses were instantly refilled as they got empty.


And it was time now for the Desserts, but we were quite unhappy as we were told that they have not planned any desserts for that meet. But seeing our moods, they still got us bite sized Pineapple pastries which we happily relished and finally took leave from our great hosts with a promise to visit again as soon as Prankster officially opens.

All the best guys, and thanks Veta, Inderjeet, Jasmeet and Pawan jee for the wonderful time that we had at Prankster.


Décor/Ambiance – 5/5               Service – 4/5                   Food – 5/5                  Drinks – 4/5

Address: sec 29 market, Gurgaon (on top of FAB India).

All pics by Pradeep Chamaria for exatraveller.

Disclaimer: All the views expressed are based on our actual experience on a particular day and time. No money exchanged hands.



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