Sweet n kool indulgence in world of Swiss Ice creams

Well, well, well …. I always wait eagerly for the Desserts which normally are served at the end of our meals. But what do you say friends, If you are offered an entire meal only of Desserts – Ice creams, Sundaes, etc etc.. ‘Jump with joy’ – oh yes me too, I will be jumping with heavenly delight. And that’s what happened as we visited the recently opened MovenPick Ice cream outlet at Mall of India in Noida.

Big images of ice creams n sundaes drew our attention on the 3rd floor as we approached the outlet. Done in international standards with a red and white theme with ceiling-suspended dome lights made the ambiance even more kool for one to sit down and enjoy a scoop of ice cream.

The colorful display of various flavours of ice creams were inviting. An extensive menu card they have, over 20 flavours of imported ice creams right from the Ice cream heavens at Switzerland. Sorberts, Ice cream shakes, Fat free drinks, waffles, Pan cakes, other hot n cold beverages – that have it all.

Movenpick ice cream is well known for their all-natural process, including the flavours and colours. We met Prabal Shishodia, Head Operations – Movenpick, at the store and he was quite happy to introduce us to Movenpick, the Art of Swiss Ice creams. He said, ‘Movenpick was started by Ueli Prager in 1948 in Switzerland. In 2003, Nestle bought the international rights for Movenpick ice cream, and the business is now operated by a subsidiary Nestlé Super Premium headquartered in Switzerland.”

The main production site is in Switzerland. Movenpick Ice Cream is sold in more than 30 countries worldwide. Products are sold through five different sales channels: gastronomy, retailing, scooping stations, impulse sales and a number of “Movenpick boutiques” located in large cities across the globe.

Prabal added that “they have now re-started Movenpick in India, and would build the brand through the cafe model and they already have a few cafes at present in India, with two in Delhi NCR and they want to add four more cafes this year.”The ice-creams are imported in India. Despite the steep import duties and a declining rupee, he was sure that Movenpick will soon be a market leader in the prime Ice cream sector.

“All our ice creams are made using natural ingredients with no artificial colours, flavours or additives. Prabal added that their mango sorbet uses Alfonso mangoes from India; the cocoa used in swiss chocolate is sourced from a very special region of Venezuela, vanilla pods from the tropical forests of Madagascar, Canadian maple syrup from Quebec etc.

Coming to the coolest part now of what we enjoyed at Movenpick. We kooled ourselves with their Sensuous Shake section – Swiss Chocolate and Strawberry shakes. There is more than just an ice cream at Movenpick, so along with shakes we tried their Mango – Waffle obsession and Vanilla – Pancake Indulgence with scoops of Mango and Vanilla Ice creams.

Each of the above four servings were a treat to our tongue, mind and soul. Heavenly was the Swiss Chocolate shake and also the freshness of strawberry was unique in the strawberry shake. The taste of our Own Desi Alfonso was so unique that I felt I was having a chilled mango itself.

We then opted for scoops of two different flavours, Caramelita and HazelNut. Caramelita was like a dream for my sweet teeth with tempting sweet pieces of caramel in a rich and creamy ice cream, and Hazelnut again with an ultimate texture and colours. The flavours were a masterpiece of culinary inspiration, a work of gastronomic art and surely were a delight to savour.


Prabal joined us and adviced us to try the Sundaes and also a coffee from the Beverages section. He himself ordered the Affogato; a shot of espresso served with a scoop of Movenpic vanilla scoop and two different sundaes for us.

We had the Ice coffee; an espresso croquant ice cream laced with coffee sauce, biscuit and whipped cream and garnished with wafer. Also served was the Refreshing lemon n lime, raspberry n strawberry and mango sorbet laced with delicious strawberry sauce and garnished with seasonal fruit and mint leaf. I loved the juicy sun-ripped mango pieces and the lemon flavour in this sorbet sundae.

The Ice Coffee though a very good preparation but was not relished because of an overdose of coffee flavour, so with a sense of guilt I had to leave it half finished only.

My colleague still wanting to indulge himself more tried the Stracciatella flavour, a panna ice cream with dark chocolate pieces. This flavour we were told is one of the Italian classic in ice creams.

With a sweet and fresh flavour in our mouths we left Movenpick with a  promise to come back soon and relish more flavours – you see, we missed out on atleast 15 other flavours that they have.


Ice creams 4.5/5  Service: 3.5/5;   Decor: 4/5

Address : Movenpick Ice Cream Boutique, 3rd Floor, Mall of India Noida

All pictures by Pradeep Chamaria / exatraveller photography.

Disclaimer : All the views expressed are our own about the food and are based on the day and time of review. Review was done on invitation of Movenpick and no monetary exchanges were made.

3 thoughts on “Sweet n kool indulgence in world of Swiss Ice creams

  1. The name for me is already indicating something free, elegant and proud. Mövenpick has something in it from the German “Möve” which means seagull. A Bird which is exactly free, elegant and proud of its freedom.
    What I like of this ice cream (in addition to the name) is that it always contains big pieces related to the ingredients of the flavour: pistachio, strawberry, chocolate. And this is delicious!


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