“Step in to celebrate – weekend living” – Weekend Homes by Expat Sparsh

Weekend Homes at Karjat

When I heard about this destination in the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, I was attracted. And the concept of Weekend homes added to the anxiety. So we decided to go ahead and visit the area for an exploration. We were invited by the management at Expat Sparsh Resort Homes and Chalets who are into a weekend resort here.

The tag line of the resort is “Step in to celebrate – weekend living”, and the setting was just perfect for a luxurious weekend stay. The location was perfect – Karjat. Full of green landscapes, Karjat is a declared Residential Green Zone in proximity of other sought after Western Ghats attractions like Khandala, Adlabs Imagica, Matherran etc.

Why do one go out for a vacation? For relaxing, fun times, spending time together with family or friends, there are multiple responses to the query. Wouldn’t it be great if one gets all of this at his own property.  Its like experiencing living in a resort owned by yourself. A holiday again and again, year after year is what you get and that too at affordable prices.


Expat Projects & Development Pvt. Ltd., a Bengaluru based company is offering furnished 1 BHK, 2 BHK Chalets and Studio at their Weekend resorts.  The property is designed to provide great weekend experience for rejuvenation and recreation of the entire family.

The management is offering these chalets and apartments as an investment cum vacation offer. They are also renting it back for giving it out to other vacationers. This way the property stays in your name, it keeps on appreciating and you also get rid of the burden of maintenance.

The resort pays extensive attention to all the activities one might indulge in while on a vacation. Since the resort is designed as a weekend vacation home, activities for all age of people have been included. A Clubhouse having a Reception Area, dedicated space for indoor games such as Table tennis, Carom, Darts, Cards etc.,  Party Hall / Conference Hall,  Restaurant etc. has been provided.

For the outdoor lovers who prefer  to spend their time under the open blue or star filled skies, provisions have been made for a  Amphitheatre,  Barbecue Grills with seating arrangement,  Mini Cricket pitch,  Badminton and  Volleyball Court, Children’s play area, and a superbly landscaped swimming pool.

Separate space has been demarcated for adventure games such as Rock Climbing and Obstacle courses. Excursions to the nearby Bhimashankar peak, and other trekking activities can also be planned and undertaken.


When on a vacation – be it for a weekend or for an extended week – no one likes to cook their own food. That’s what I think. If you have to cook your own food and also do other household chores then why go on a vacation? Well yes, Expat Sparsh has taken care of these too – A great line up of local Raigarh food cuisine, and other Marathi food is on offer. It’s like a home away from home where you enjoy all the homely comforts and delicacies without actually worrying about it. Misal Pav, Pohay, Vada Pav, Bhakharwadi, Dabeli, Kokam juice, Puran Poili etc etc., the list of local cuisine available at the restaurant is exhaustive and believe me people the food we had during our stay was awesome.  737927181

For me, my stay at Expat Sparsh, Karjat was living a lifestyle of my own and that’s what I love to do while on a vacation. Doing whatever I want to do, like going on a small trek, relax in the cool waters of the stream flowing through the resort, cool my feet in the rainy waterfalls, play with the stray wild crabs, drink tea at a rural dhaba, visit a local village, visit a hilly Ganapati Temple or just sit out in the open and enjoy my food, I did everything and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I certainly will wait for the project to complete and then come back again when the weekend homes are fully functional with my friends and family.

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