The Artful Baker – Cafe Patisserie Boulangerie

How do you eat the bestest, Hazel nut crème filled, Donut shaped  chocolate pastry named Paris Brest while at the Artful Baker. Well Chef Sahil was with me and he advised me to go ahead in full desi style – so I picked up my share of the divine pastry and indulged in it full desi style. Such an amazingly indulgent dessert – full of Hazelnut based crème, topped with Almond flakes and icing Sugar. It did create a mess on my hands when I was eating, but the amazing hazel nut flavor, one of my favourite nut, left me fully satisfied.

This was one of the yummiest cakes I have ever eaten and surely recommend it to everyone who loves cakes. This all happened when I was at the Artful Baker pop up, to satiate our taste buds and gorge on authentic delightful cakes, croissants, breads and other sweet treats made with real ingredients. Chef Sahil himself personally crafts out the dishes using authentic French techniques and organic ingredients.

The Artful Baker’ menu had different types of breads like the Multigrain, French Peasant, and  Whole wheat breads, Croissants, sandwiches and desserts like Chocolate, Raspberry and Salty Macaroons, Lemon Tart, Blueberry – Oak and Double Chocolate Chip Muffin, Monte Cristo  and Paris Brest,

We tried the Whole wheat Pesto Paneer Sandwich, Cheese Croissant, Chocolate Macaroons, Lemon Tart, Blueberry Oak Muffins, Monte Cristo, and Paris Brest.

The sandwich was tastefully flavoured. The paste made using pesto and tiny paneer cubes was yummy and the whole wheat bread added wonders. Chef Sahil was with me to tell me that all the ingredients are imported from France to get the traditional and original taste.

The Croissant was fluffy and buttery, easy to chew and we loved the taste of cheese filling. .As I chewed on the Cheese Croissant, the butter n cheesy flavour engulfed my tasting buds.

Even though I wanted to try the Lemon Tart next, we were advised to taste the Monte Cristo.  A blend of Dark chocolate and French cream, mixed with Praline crunchy, on an almond sponge, simply forced us say – ohhh ma ma miaa!  It was just divine. Perfect blend of dark chocolate and cream.

Not wanting to wait any longer for the Lemon Tart, I took a spoonful, and the natural tanginess of the lemon crème made me go wild. I left everything else on the table and sinfully finished it myself without giving much opportunity to my colleague who just kept sitting there and watching.  It was the most brilliantly done dish at the Artful Baker.

The Blueberry –Oak Muffin was also different than what we get at other outlets. The blueberry jam popped out in the inside of the muffin we dig in. The macaroon is supposed to be a traditional French item. The macaroons here were very crispy and tender, just the way they should be. Easily chewable and in three distinct flavours, they just vanished in a bite.


A little about the venture :

~ A patisserie and Boulangerie café by Lite Bite Foods~

The Artful Baker has started a new baking venture as a bakery and café in India. Currently open as a popup at Square, Select City, Saket till 2nd Aug 2015, where French desserts and baking stuffs are available at affordable prices, all are creation of Chef Sahil. All items are so tasty and delicious and completely 100% secured on the basis of quality and authenticity.

The Artful Baker will soon pan out into a complete Café in the next month at  Khan Market, including a delicious range of breakfast & bakeries, salads and sandwiches, pizzas, mains & grills, picnic baskets, desserts, refreshing drinks and a selection of beers & wines.

Mr. Rohit Aggarwal, Director, Lite Bite Foods said, “A fashionable rise of high trend patisserie is certainly official in India. Our trained culinary team has developed a one-stop-shop for your favorite macaroons, muffins and breads. The Artful Baker will offer great flavors in less calories, less guilt and is also not too pricey. It’s essential that we offer the best in class delicacies for everyone.”

The brand chef of The Artful Baker, Chef Sahil Mehta is India’s First Certified Bakery, Pastry and Chocolate Expert from Lenotre, France. He is the man behind many renowned patisserie brands such as Choco Diva, Rennaissance and L’opera.

Here are my ratings for the Artful Bakery Pop Up.

Hospitality : 5/5             Food : 5/5        Pastries : 5/5      Budget : 4.5/5 

Note: Images of the dishes are shot by me. Review done on invitation from the establishment and views expressed are entirely ours and without any bias.


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